Transforming HR solutions in Japan and Asia through innovation

About Us


Creating new value and contributing to the wealth of society.


  • Supporting progress and overcoming the challenges of customers and organizations through optimum solutions.
  • Creating optimum environments by providing diverse opportunities and choices for people.


  • Ownership

  • Imagination

  • Hospitality

  • Readiness

  • Sportsmanship and purity

  • Operational excellence

  • Thankfulness

  • Perseverance

  • Challenging spirit

  • Learning and self-improvement

The No.1 ATS vendor in Japan, dominating the market in the number and quality of customers.

Providing convenient services from throughout the world on a platform for businesses and job seekers in Japan.

In Japan, the population of the productive age group continues to drop while that of the dependent age group increases, thus complicating the country's economic and employment environments. We have been contributing to the improvement of Japan's employment environment through a wide range of products and services that enhance recruitment processes and improve labor productivity.
Especially in recent years, as the non-traditional labor force including seniors, housewives and foreigners is on the rise in Japan's increasingly diversified job market, we are catering to the diverse needs of businesses and job seekers.
By combining innovative, unique products and services, we intend to satisfy the needs of the highly evolved Japanese market.
Furthermore, we plan to expand our services in East Asia, especially in ASEAN nations, where the economies are booming and people are pro-Japan.

If you are willing to develop new markets with us, please contact us and make a business proposal!

Corporate Profile

Corporate Name HR Solutions Corporation
Location ONWARD Park Building 10F, 3-10-5, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
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TEL: +81 03-3548-8711
FAX: +81 03-3548-8864
President Shigeru Takei
Capital 129,240,000 yen

Designs, develops, and sells the "Hi-sol (Hiring Solutions)" , the "Recop (Recruiting Optimizer)" and "Reclog" recruitment support systems

Main businesses in the field of recruitment

  • Website design and production
  • Web marketing
  • Consulting
  • Training etc.

Fee-charging Employment Placement Businesses (License number: 13-ユ-300365)

Specified Worker Dispatching Undertaking (License number: 般13-300505)