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Introducing our main products: 3 recruitment management ASPs.
Both ASPs are ATSs (Applicant Tracking Systems)

"Hisol" part-timer recruitment and employment support system


Our "Recop" part-timer recruitment management system has transformed the recruiting processes of many customers including top companies from various industries. It has also increased the number of new hires. Now the values, features and services of "Recop" have been improved and extended to create "Hisol."

"Recop" covers part-timer recruitment processes from recruiting and accepting applications to offering positions. That is to say, it covers before-employment areas of human resources operations. But "Hisol" additionally covers after-employment areas such as employment procedures, employee training & utilization, and management of retirees including reemployment. In the environment of Japan's dwindling labor force, it has become an important factor of business and store operation not only to recruit successfully but also to retain hires. About 90% of recruitment costs are said to be spent on filling vacant positions. If vacant positions could be reduced, it would lower recruitment costs while raising sales and business growth at the same time. The following 6 benefits are what "Hisol" offers. It visualizes all processes of part-timer recruitment and utilization, increases the number of hires including professionals, streamlines all business processes and reduces costs.

"Hisol" not only optimizes recruitment processes, but also provides solutions for all employment processes. You can look forward to further evolution of the service!

Official site of "Hisol" part-timer recruitment and employment support system

"Recop" part-timer recruitment management system


"Recop" is an ASP-type system designed to solve issues associated with part-timer recruitment processes such as increasing the number of applicants, improving the employment rate, optimizing cost management, and visualizing the progress in recruitment processes.

As your business develops through multiple-store deployment, service-area deployment and multiple-business deployment, the recruitment of employees will be handled by franchise owners and store managers. Recruiting part-time workers should be the core growth factor of business. But in reality, it has become a black box that no one is willing to look into. Furthermore, the declining labor force and improved jobs-to-applicants ratio add to the hardship of recruitment difficulties. And it does not appear that the situation will be better in the future. Under these circumstances, it is essential that the black box be removed, all processes of part-timer recruitment be "visualized," and appropriate recruitment and cost management methods be applied. "Recop" will help customers resolve these issues.

"Recop" has strong website building and management features that help bring recruitment costs down and increase the number of applicants for part-time positions. Recruitment pages are compatible with 3 different types of devices: PCs, smartphones and feature phones. It is highly customizable and has all conceivable SEO measures built in, so it can attract job applicants from customers' own websites. Furthermore, on the management page, applicants can be integrally managed not only through customers' own websites but also through job information media. This feature streamlines recruitment processes and visualizes the effectiveness of advertisements so costs can be better managed. Other standard features include mail alerts to prompt administrators to return responses to applicants when applications are left unattended, a status indicator and an interview calendar. For usage in stores, the management features support the use of smartphones. And if data analysis is required, any item of applicant data can be downloaded at any time.

"Recop" has been adopted by diverse industries including the retail, restaurant & food, service, apparel, entertainment, logistics, medical, welfare and nursing care industries. And it has brought benefits to customers. "Recop," which could be described as "recruitment reinvention" in the field of part-timer employment, will continue to support customers to solve recruitment issues and contribute to their business growth.

Official site of "Recop" part-timer recruitment management system

"Reclog" mid-career recruitment support & management system


"Reclog" is an ASP-type, mid-career recruitment support & management system designed to provide "successful recruitment through the science of recruitment" and "measures to innovate the human resource processes of business enterprises."

In many cases, mid-career recruitment is in large part dependent upon the experience and gut feelings of HR staff members. So the know-how does not accumulate and get passed on to other people in the organization. Important tasks like decision-making, motivating and persuading are cumbersome and few companies have sufficient time to devote to them.

To solve these recruitment issues, recruitment processes and workflows as well as organization structures should be reinvented and optimized. "Reclog" does not just systemize and streamline recruitment processes. Its final objective is to achieve BPR (Business Process Re-engineering) for recruitment that improves the recruiting power of business enterprises by restructuring their recruitment processes.

"Reclog" has various recruitment support features including recruitment page management, double-checking of application entries, integrated management of all applicants through all channels, management of company information seminars, status checks, interview management, mail alerts, liaison with staffing agencies, and report outputs to be used for process improvement. Streamlining work processes such as information management, report outputting and liaising with relevant businesses enables HR staff to focus on more important operations.

"Reclog" "visualizes" recruitment processes and uses PDCA to facilitate business streamlining and fast & precise decision-making.

Official site of "Reclog" mid-career recruitment support system


We offer the following services along with "Hisol," "Recop" and "Reclog."