Transforming HR solutions in Japan and Asia through innovation



Innovative service providers wanted!

We strive to provide all human-resource-related products and services concerning recruitment, training and personnel utilization for aspiring customers in Japan and throughout Asia. We are aware that customers continually face new challenges in the ever-changing market environment and technologies never cease to evolve and advance in areas such as the Internet, CPUs and mobile devices. Under these circumstances, we must always pay close attention to customer needs and digest new technologies to continue producing new services.

For this reason, we seek partners who possess or could develop services applicable to the human resource field to help propel businesses in Japan and Asian nations. We have been in the human resource business for over 10 years in Japan to help business enterprises solve recruitment issues, and have contributed to improving Japan's employment environment. Why not join us and create new products and services?

If you have something that you think would be a good fit, please contact us.